Activation of CARD CLUB FREE.

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The CARD CLUB FREE is a subscription capable of guaranteeing the user registered in the PERCORSIMPI Eco-System with basic arrangements and facilities.

The CARD CLUB FREE has a duration of 3 months from the date of activation.

If you decide to activate the CARD CLUB FREE you will have advantages that cannot be enjoyed by a simply registered user. This means that from the activation date you will have:

  • A validity period of 3 months, without automatic renewal.
    Access to the Blog with the possibility of publication.
    Sending newsletters.
    1 Participations / month as Sponsor in Propagation Campaigns.
    Postueb Campaign Production.

If you decide to activate the CARD CLUB FREE it means that for 3 MONTHS you can:

  • Design, Produce and Publish up to 1 Operational Path.
  • Choose where to publish your Operational Paths (on your Website, on your Blog or on your Social Channels).
  • Propose arguments to be produced and published in Blog Posts.
  • Decide if at the end of the 3 Months if you want to switch to a CARD CLUB MINUS or PLUS. In case of non-renewal, your CARD CLUB FREE will be deactivated.

  • All the arrangements of the Academy Department and Brand Channel (if not open).
  • Offers.
  • Publication in the Blog.
  • Value Plan.
  • I am looking for-offer register.
  • Propagate campaigns;
    CRM services.
  • Postueb integration with Campaigns and Channels.
  • Crowd Campaigns (SE).
  • Participations & Citations Campaigns.
  • Etc.

Only and when you want it, you can activate:

  • Brand Channel or Academy Department to increase the quantity of Operational Paths and their publication.
  • Extra CARD for a fee if you want to add features and resources.

If you wish to have more information and details related to this Article of our e-Commerce PERCORSIMPI, you can consult these links:

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